What's it like to live in 2006

This blog is mine, and I hope your thoughts on what life is like in 2006. Please add to this blog at any time and hopefully it will create a record of events, either personal or global that will act as a snap shot of different peoples lives in this year.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Molly May has arrived into the World...:@)

At last. Went into hospital as planned (a little worried as it was the 13th), but after a peserie (I think that is what it was called), nurse told us they would wait 6 hours, then maybe give her another. I was able to cope with 4 hours, but then Charlotte said it would be OK if I went home for a bit. So this is what I did, until the phone went at 5am...a few pants down the line and a little groan and I guessed and was dressed and on my way. Arrived at 5:30am. Now baring in mind Amy took 17 hours, I was amazed when at 08:29 out she popped, (I still thought midwife was preparing Charlotte for main labor stages...LOL). Really chuffed, and really chuffed that midwife said Dr. Would be round in 6 hours (2:30pm) to check them both over before she came home, however Dr. did not arrive until 6:30 in the evening. Charlottes mum and dad, who were looking after Amy had arrived at about 2:30, so Amy was stuck in there for 4 hours. By the time we got home we were all knackered. finally Amy to bed at 10ish, and rest of us at 11ish, however Amy had a very bad night (so over tired), and screamed from about 1 am. I have threatened that I will dismantle her fairy princess castle bit by bit and she will have to earn the bits back. I am hoping it was because she was tired, but I think she is going to find it hard to have to share the attention.

here I sit, now responsible for 3 females. Scary. I hope though this running blog will help me keep it all into some sort of perspective.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Still no Molly2

She is not for coming into this world as yet. Went for a 'sweep and stretch today, and almost got a space on labour ward, but Dr. came down and was too busy, so we had to come home and go back on Thursday, where she will be induced if needed. Charlotte was really upset, but was OK when she got a fish butty down her. Given that I have the interview on Thursday, it is ironic they want her in, but I will go and meet her in the hospital if needed. So we are back home, and continue to wait.
Today's World Headlines...

Iran claims key nuclear advance
The UN has given Iran 30 days to halt its nuclear research. Iran has reached a key stage in its uranium enrichment programme, says ex-President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.
Full story here (Source BBC )

Prodi hails Italy poll 'victory'
Romano Prodi has already proclaimed victory in the election. Italy's centre-left leader Romano Prodi says he has won the right to become the country's prime minister following a narrow victory in the general election.
Karachi park explosion 'kills 40'
The attack happened as people took part in evening prayers. At least 40 people have been killed in a bomb blast at a huge gathering to mark the Prophet Muhammad's birthday in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi
Full story here. (Source BBC)

Today's UK Headlines...

Pc conman jailed for four years
John Morgan lived lavishly while working as a constable former police officer has been jailed for four years after being found guilty of stealing almost £280,000 from an 89-year-old woman.
Full story here (Source BBC)

Workers hurt in scaffold collapse
Three workers were injured when scaffolding collapsed at a construction site in the centre of Milton Keynes
Full story here (source BBC)

My local headlines today...

Man lucky 'to survive' in gas blast
A man was today "lucky to be alive" after he was badly burned when a gas explosion the caravan he was in. Full story here (Sourcewww.thisisbradford.co.uk)

Good News Story...

War heroine honoured 63 years on
Pearl Cornioley said her 'wings' outstripped her CBE and MBEA female secret service agent has been honoured by the Royal Air Force - 63 years after first complaining at the "injustice" of not getting her "wings".
Full story here (Source BBC)

Again no Tony and Gordon updates today,
so another interesting fact about them both

The May 1997 general elections, in which Blair

was elected prime minister, gave the

Labour Party the largest victory in its history.


Gordon Brown was appointed as Chancellor

of the Exchequer on 2 May 1997.


My Global thoughts...
Iran situation seems to be edging closer. I remember in the film 'Threads' little snippets of news were audible in the background of the film. For those listening it was the build up to what culminated in a nuclear strike on s mostly unaware Sheffield.
Keeping me smiling ...
The weather. One would think we are still in the depths of winter. Snow storms, gales. Additionally everyone says you will live on a mountain.

Hopes for tomorrow...
Molly, but I am OK if it means she has to go in on Thursday

End of blog. Post your thoughts. join this blog.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Still no Molly

Hello all...
Still no Molly. We are set to go to the hospital tomorrow to persuade her to enter the world. I hope its one gush and it's all over, but I doubt it. Charlotte has requested a water birth; I will not be setting the shorts on and getting in mind. She has packed the camcorder, but I am hoping she doesn't want me to try and film the actual birth (in my flippers). No I have a feeling she won't be coming out of the hospital, and I am very apprehensive. We are going to text everyone and tell them we have had a boy, five minutes before we send the real one.

Global Headlines...
Bush dismisses 'Iran attack plan'
Mr Bush said he hoped to use diplomacy to prevent conflicted President George W Bush has dismissed as "wild speculation" a media report suggesting he is considering using nuclear weapons against Iran. Full story here (source BBC)

Election cliff-hanger grips Italy
Early estimates suggest that turnout for the elections was high Italy's general election is turning into an extremely close race, with early results pointing to a slender lead for PM Silvio Berlusconi.

UK Headlines...

Two guilty of sixth-former murder
Two Swansea teenagers have been found guilty of murdering sixth-form student Ben Bellamy last year.
Full story here (source BBC)

Mother jailed over crash deaths
A mother who crammed seven boys into her car during a birthday outing before causing a pile-up in which four people died has been jailed for two years. (
Full story here) (Source BBC)

My Local Headlines...
Expert: Attack led to Aimee death
An attack on tragic teenager Aimee Wellock DID lead to her death moments later, a senior Home Office scientist said today.
The claim contradicts the conclusion of three senior judges who ruled that the attack on Aimee was not directly responsible for her death.
The 15-year-old died last summer as she fled from the bullies who had targeted her and her friends as they walked in the Chellow Dene beauty spot in Bradford.

Good News story...

Rusty screw sells for £55 on eBay
A DIY shop boss sold a rusty old screw on eBay for £55 - to a tipsy sales girl.
Ben Talbot, 23, put the three-and-a-half-inch screw on the internet auction site for a laugh, says the Mirror. But Chantal Bell, 24, bought it as a present for a friend who joked she wanted a "good old screw". Chantal, from Epsom, Surrey, said: "I'm a bit embarrassed. I was quite drunk when I bid for it.
"Next time I'm on eBay, I'll make sure I'm sober."
Ben, of Hartlepool, said: "I couldn't believe it. I got seven bids. I seriously wasn't expecting any."

No Tony and Gordon updates today,
so an interesting fact about them both

Prime Minister - Tony Blair
Tony Blair has secured a place in the record
books as the only Labour prime minister to
have won three successive general elections.
He has said he will serve full third term but
that he will not seek re-election a fourth time.
Chancellor of the Exchequer - Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown is the longest-serving chancellor
of modern times – and he dominates the
domestic political agenda like few previous
holders of that office.
(Source BBC)
Me today...
Nervous. Had a call from agency so happy that the work seems to becoming regular. Asked them to contact me next Monday so fingers crossed, in case I am unsuccessful in an interview I have on Thursday.

My Global thoughts...
Iran. I put Iran in my first blog, as at that time the rhetoric was quite strong, and nuclear in theme. Ironic then that today this seemed to be a step closer. I am concerned that we as a species are going to blow our selves up, and something like Iran would be the perfect ignition.. see Global News Story above.
I am worrying about...
The birth. Charlottes pain, employment,

Keeping me smiling ...
sorted garden and shed today, and this always lifts me. We live on the top of a mountain, and when garden is looking good it makes me smile. (I must post some pics of the view, it's amazing), my nieces ever changing ,msn log in.

Hopes for tomorrow...

An interesting fact I know...
Petrol is sold in .9 to enable a 1% margin of error. It goes back to when they sold it by the bucket.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

An irony

It was my intention to write something every day on my blog, but I think it shows that I certainly have found it impossible to do this. However today is Sunday and I have had an eventful week.

I worked all week. Was really chuffed. No indication as to next week, but I have decided not to work next week, for a number of reasons.
The main of course is the impending birth. I think it is better to tell them I can't work, than say I can and let them down.

The second reason is that I need to visit the local Unemployment office. Getting a little worried about running out of cash I decided I needed to sign on. Anyway on Friday I received a letter saying that I had turned down a job as an accommodation manager, paying £20,000 +. This was a job I had scouted whilst waiting to sign for the first time, however when I rang them they told me the job had been filled...lol. So I need to find out what they are playing at. The second reason I need to see them is to establish whether it is worth me signing on when I am working sporadically for an agency. On Thursday I have an interview for a job as a Deputy manager of a home for special needs, so I think it would be prudent to take a week out, get Molly out and Charlotte sorted, and then I can continue to work for agencies (able to now prove experience of multi-drop), so should be able to keep working until something permanent.

Charlotte still has not had Molly. We again went out last night, and tried Guinness and black. We went for another curry, but Charlotte elected to go for a Hawaiian Burger. She has just eaten a full pineapple, and taken the dog for a walk (Amy is with her Nana).

Global News...

*Dozens dead in Pakistan stampede

An emergency was declared at Karachi's main hospitalsAt least 29 women and children have died in a stampede after a religious gathering in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi. Full story here (Source BBC)

UK News...

Phone firm 'plans free broadband'

A fast-growing number of firms now offer broadband connections. Mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse is expected to announce the launch of a free broadband service later this week.
The company looks poised to provide free access for customers who sign up to its Talk Talk landline service.
A Carphone spokeswoman said that it could not comment on speculation but it did have plans to expand its broadband service in 2006.
The move could lead to a big shake-up among internet providers. Full story here (Source BBC)

Tony and Gordon:

"Blair and Brown in show of unity"
Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have launched Labour'slocal
election campaign in England which focuses oncouncil tax,
crime and education. The prime minister and chancellor put
on a united front after recent reports of differences, as they
met a group of activists ahead of the 4 May poll.
There were no opportunities for journalists to ask questions
of the politicians following their speeches.Full story here (source BBC)

In my local news today...
Car-jacker flung Dorothy in road
A slightly-built widow has told how she was flung to the road from her Nissan Micra during a violent car-jacking.
The plucky elderly lady tried to fend off her attacker and refused to budge from the driving seat.
But he was twice her size and he wrenched her hand off the steering wheel and dragged her out of the car before driving off. Full story here (Source www.thisisbradford.co.uk)
Me today...
OK I think. The birth is making me nervous. Charlotte has had a few twinges and her instinct thinks this may be the start. Bag ready and 2 child seats in car. We have decided to try and persuade any present giving to nappies and baby wipes. Having had Amy we have virtually everything, so don't want people spending money on clothes and such that we do not have the need or room for. I hope the message gets through, but I doubt it.
I am disappointed that it had been 5 days since I wrote this daily blog...:)

I am worrying about...
The baby. Charlotte is Pacing

Keeping me smiling ...
My brother's antics in the pub last night

Hopes for tomorrow...
Job Centre meeting goes well (They tell me there's been an administrative cock-up, and I was meant to get the job of accommodation officer, and can I start next Monday...:)

An interestinging fact...
On the first Thursday of next month at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 A.M., the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06. That won't ever happen again...:)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day rating 3/10

Hello all. I am attempting to write something every day, so until I can organize this blog into some kind of flowing order, please bear with what must seem like the randomness of this blog.

Some suggested headings...

  • Me today...
  • My Global thoughts...
  • I am worrying about...
  • Keeping me smiling ...
  • Hopes for tomorrow...
  • In my local news today...
  • An interesting fact I know...

A whole day of 2006 has gone and 4 Billion of us have woken up yet no-one has added to this blog. I appreciate it is only 24 hours old, but come on world....What is it like for you in 2006

What's it like for me...

Me today...

Well I worked today. Was woken at 8:40am by agency offering me a day courier work, so at least I earned my crust for today. However it all nearly ended in me just giving up. To put the event into context I drove 1 day for this agency last week and Crashed into a £30,000 E type Jag. (well I didn't 'crash' but I left a few thousand pounds worth of dent in his bumper). And what did I spot whilst I was handing over my insurance details, hundreds of Models of his precious Jaguar. He was really upset, but I think he saw how (given this was my 1st job in months) upset I was and was really OK.

But TODAY I was given a second chance. All going well until I am 1/2 way around, closing the door of the van I said to myself...."I need to be careful here, because the van automatically locks when you close the door. No prizes for guessing what I did on the next delivery...as the door closed, I instinctivly knew the keys were in the back. I scouted for a way in through the cab, but to no avail, so I had to wait foor an hour until someone arrived with some rescue keys.

The day has ended badly. I thought I was saving this blog since I have been writing it for an hour, however I hit wrong button and wiped the lot (except the bit at the top). So now it is 1 o’clock and I have a delivery job tomorrow at 8am, so I apologise, normal blogging will resume tomorrow...

Please add to this blog with what your life is like in 2006

Please become a member.

P.S. I was going to rate today as 5/10, but then I wiped the blog, so I have rated today 3/10...:(

Life in 2006


My name is Paul and this is my first blog, so after much thought I decided to use this as a forum to discuss what life is like in 2006. I will discuss personal and global issues that affect me day to day and I hope you will feel able to do the same. I hope to catalogue different people's experience of living in 2006.

I should start by telling you a little about myself. I am 36 and live in the North of England. I am currently unemployed as I could not cope with the political shenanigans at the place I worked, so I am currently looking for work. I have a wife (Charlotte) and a fourteen year old daughter (no sorry she is three), called Amy and another girl on the way (Molly). Molly is actually due on 07-03-06, however we had a curry on Saturday night in the hope that she would be born on 02-04-06, but it was not to be. So I continue filling out applications, and hope I land something soon. Then I will be able to look forward to the world cup. I am a terrible speller as this blog will show, however I hope it does not distract too much.

If you wish to post a comment please feel free. Vent your spleen, or tell the world how happy you are. Don't post abusive stuff (I need to get a job, not police the blog), but if you would like to tell the world, and keep on record what the year 2006 is like for you then this is the place.

You are welcome to email this blog to anyone, and hopefully by December 31st 2006, we will have created a snapshot of life in 2006

Today things I am thinking about...
Getting a Job
The impending Birth

Keeping me smiling...
The Tony Blair and Gordon Brown Show.

Hopes for tomorrow...
Phone call for interview for job I have applied for