What's it like to live in 2006

This blog is mine, and I hope your thoughts on what life is like in 2006. Please add to this blog at any time and hopefully it will create a record of events, either personal or global that will act as a snap shot of different peoples lives in this year.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Life in 2006


My name is Paul and this is my first blog, so after much thought I decided to use this as a forum to discuss what life is like in 2006. I will discuss personal and global issues that affect me day to day and I hope you will feel able to do the same. I hope to catalogue different people's experience of living in 2006.

I should start by telling you a little about myself. I am 36 and live in the North of England. I am currently unemployed as I could not cope with the political shenanigans at the place I worked, so I am currently looking for work. I have a wife (Charlotte) and a fourteen year old daughter (no sorry she is three), called Amy and another girl on the way (Molly). Molly is actually due on 07-03-06, however we had a curry on Saturday night in the hope that she would be born on 02-04-06, but it was not to be. So I continue filling out applications, and hope I land something soon. Then I will be able to look forward to the world cup. I am a terrible speller as this blog will show, however I hope it does not distract too much.

If you wish to post a comment please feel free. Vent your spleen, or tell the world how happy you are. Don't post abusive stuff (I need to get a job, not police the blog), but if you would like to tell the world, and keep on record what the year 2006 is like for you then this is the place.

You are welcome to email this blog to anyone, and hopefully by December 31st 2006, we will have created a snapshot of life in 2006

Today things I am thinking about...
Getting a Job
The impending Birth

Keeping me smiling...
The Tony Blair and Gordon Brown Show.

Hopes for tomorrow...
Phone call for interview for job I have applied for


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