What's it like to live in 2006

This blog is mine, and I hope your thoughts on what life is like in 2006. Please add to this blog at any time and hopefully it will create a record of events, either personal or global that will act as a snap shot of different peoples lives in this year.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Molly May has arrived into the World...:@)

At last. Went into hospital as planned (a little worried as it was the 13th), but after a peserie (I think that is what it was called), nurse told us they would wait 6 hours, then maybe give her another. I was able to cope with 4 hours, but then Charlotte said it would be OK if I went home for a bit. So this is what I did, until the phone went at 5am...a few pants down the line and a little groan and I guessed and was dressed and on my way. Arrived at 5:30am. Now baring in mind Amy took 17 hours, I was amazed when at 08:29 out she popped, (I still thought midwife was preparing Charlotte for main labor stages...LOL). Really chuffed, and really chuffed that midwife said Dr. Would be round in 6 hours (2:30pm) to check them both over before she came home, however Dr. did not arrive until 6:30 in the evening. Charlottes mum and dad, who were looking after Amy had arrived at about 2:30, so Amy was stuck in there for 4 hours. By the time we got home we were all knackered. finally Amy to bed at 10ish, and rest of us at 11ish, however Amy had a very bad night (so over tired), and screamed from about 1 am. I have threatened that I will dismantle her fairy princess castle bit by bit and she will have to earn the bits back. I am hoping it was because she was tired, but I think she is going to find it hard to have to share the attention.

here I sit, now responsible for 3 females. Scary. I hope though this running blog will help me keep it all into some sort of perspective.


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