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This blog is mine, and I hope your thoughts on what life is like in 2006. Please add to this blog at any time and hopefully it will create a record of events, either personal or global that will act as a snap shot of different peoples lives in this year.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Still no Molly

Hello all...
Still no Molly. We are set to go to the hospital tomorrow to persuade her to enter the world. I hope its one gush and it's all over, but I doubt it. Charlotte has requested a water birth; I will not be setting the shorts on and getting in mind. She has packed the camcorder, but I am hoping she doesn't want me to try and film the actual birth (in my flippers). No I have a feeling she won't be coming out of the hospital, and I am very apprehensive. We are going to text everyone and tell them we have had a boy, five minutes before we send the real one.

Global Headlines...
Bush dismisses 'Iran attack plan'
Mr Bush said he hoped to use diplomacy to prevent conflicted President George W Bush has dismissed as "wild speculation" a media report suggesting he is considering using nuclear weapons against Iran. Full story here (source BBC)

Election cliff-hanger grips Italy
Early estimates suggest that turnout for the elections was high Italy's general election is turning into an extremely close race, with early results pointing to a slender lead for PM Silvio Berlusconi.

UK Headlines...

Two guilty of sixth-former murder
Two Swansea teenagers have been found guilty of murdering sixth-form student Ben Bellamy last year.
Full story here (source BBC)

Mother jailed over crash deaths
A mother who crammed seven boys into her car during a birthday outing before causing a pile-up in which four people died has been jailed for two years. (
Full story here) (Source BBC)

My Local Headlines...
Expert: Attack led to Aimee death
An attack on tragic teenager Aimee Wellock DID lead to her death moments later, a senior Home Office scientist said today.
The claim contradicts the conclusion of three senior judges who ruled that the attack on Aimee was not directly responsible for her death.
The 15-year-old died last summer as she fled from the bullies who had targeted her and her friends as they walked in the Chellow Dene beauty spot in Bradford.

Good News story...

Rusty screw sells for £55 on eBay
A DIY shop boss sold a rusty old screw on eBay for £55 - to a tipsy sales girl.
Ben Talbot, 23, put the three-and-a-half-inch screw on the internet auction site for a laugh, says the Mirror. But Chantal Bell, 24, bought it as a present for a friend who joked she wanted a "good old screw". Chantal, from Epsom, Surrey, said: "I'm a bit embarrassed. I was quite drunk when I bid for it.
"Next time I'm on eBay, I'll make sure I'm sober."
Ben, of Hartlepool, said: "I couldn't believe it. I got seven bids. I seriously wasn't expecting any."

No Tony and Gordon updates today,
so an interesting fact about them both

Prime Minister - Tony Blair
Tony Blair has secured a place in the record
books as the only Labour prime minister to
have won three successive general elections.
He has said he will serve full third term but
that he will not seek re-election a fourth time.
Chancellor of the Exchequer - Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown is the longest-serving chancellor
of modern times – and he dominates the
domestic political agenda like few previous
holders of that office.
(Source BBC)
Me today...
Nervous. Had a call from agency so happy that the work seems to becoming regular. Asked them to contact me next Monday so fingers crossed, in case I am unsuccessful in an interview I have on Thursday.

My Global thoughts...
Iran. I put Iran in my first blog, as at that time the rhetoric was quite strong, and nuclear in theme. Ironic then that today this seemed to be a step closer. I am concerned that we as a species are going to blow our selves up, and something like Iran would be the perfect ignition.. see Global News Story above.
I am worrying about...
The birth. Charlottes pain, employment,

Keeping me smiling ...
sorted garden and shed today, and this always lifts me. We live on the top of a mountain, and when garden is looking good it makes me smile. (I must post some pics of the view, it's amazing), my nieces ever changing ,msn log in.

Hopes for tomorrow...

An interesting fact I know...
Petrol is sold in .9 to enable a 1% margin of error. It goes back to when they sold it by the bucket.


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