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This blog is mine, and I hope your thoughts on what life is like in 2006. Please add to this blog at any time and hopefully it will create a record of events, either personal or global that will act as a snap shot of different peoples lives in this year.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Still no Molly2

She is not for coming into this world as yet. Went for a 'sweep and stretch today, and almost got a space on labour ward, but Dr. came down and was too busy, so we had to come home and go back on Thursday, where she will be induced if needed. Charlotte was really upset, but was OK when she got a fish butty down her. Given that I have the interview on Thursday, it is ironic they want her in, but I will go and meet her in the hospital if needed. So we are back home, and continue to wait.
Today's World Headlines...

Iran claims key nuclear advance
The UN has given Iran 30 days to halt its nuclear research. Iran has reached a key stage in its uranium enrichment programme, says ex-President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.
Full story here (Source BBC )

Prodi hails Italy poll 'victory'
Romano Prodi has already proclaimed victory in the election. Italy's centre-left leader Romano Prodi says he has won the right to become the country's prime minister following a narrow victory in the general election.
Karachi park explosion 'kills 40'
The attack happened as people took part in evening prayers. At least 40 people have been killed in a bomb blast at a huge gathering to mark the Prophet Muhammad's birthday in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi
Full story here. (Source BBC)

Today's UK Headlines...

Pc conman jailed for four years
John Morgan lived lavishly while working as a constable former police officer has been jailed for four years after being found guilty of stealing almost £280,000 from an 89-year-old woman.
Full story here (Source BBC)

Workers hurt in scaffold collapse
Three workers were injured when scaffolding collapsed at a construction site in the centre of Milton Keynes
Full story here (source BBC)

My local headlines today...

Man lucky 'to survive' in gas blast
A man was today "lucky to be alive" after he was badly burned when a gas explosion the caravan he was in. Full story here (Sourcewww.thisisbradford.co.uk)

Good News Story...

War heroine honoured 63 years on
Pearl Cornioley said her 'wings' outstripped her CBE and MBEA female secret service agent has been honoured by the Royal Air Force - 63 years after first complaining at the "injustice" of not getting her "wings".
Full story here (Source BBC)

Again no Tony and Gordon updates today,
so another interesting fact about them both

The May 1997 general elections, in which Blair

was elected prime minister, gave the

Labour Party the largest victory in its history.


Gordon Brown was appointed as Chancellor

of the Exchequer on 2 May 1997.


My Global thoughts...
Iran situation seems to be edging closer. I remember in the film 'Threads' little snippets of news were audible in the background of the film. For those listening it was the build up to what culminated in a nuclear strike on s mostly unaware Sheffield.
Keeping me smiling ...
The weather. One would think we are still in the depths of winter. Snow storms, gales. Additionally everyone says you will live on a mountain.

Hopes for tomorrow...
Molly, but I am OK if it means she has to go in on Thursday

End of blog. Post your thoughts. join this blog.


Blogger Akaikutsu said...

Hi Paul,

I stumbled across your blog and just had to leave a comment - I hope the fact that you haven't made an entry for so long means that your new little girl has arrived safely!

Nice to see another Northerner on blogspot - I'm a Teesside girl myself, though I'm currently living in London. 2006 is going pretty well for me so far. You can read all about it at www.akaikutsudoeslondon.blogspot.com.

I hope you've sorted out your work situation too - I was unemployed for a couple of months at the beginning of the year and it's not nice, I know.

Good luck with it all,


Saturday, April 15, 2006 10:39:00 am  

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